Kintamani Arabica Coffee

Kintamani Arabica Coffee

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Fact of Kintamani Arabica Coffee

  • Kintamani Arabica Bali grown in Kintamani District, close to Mount Batur, Bangli Regency. The type of Balinese coffee is Arabica and is grown on land with an altitude of about 1000 Masl. The hallmark of coffee plantations in Bali is the presence of plants other than coffee in the same land, usually vegetables and oranges. This Coffee Bali has become one of Indonesia’s mainstay export commodities, especially to Europe, Japan and Australia.

Characteristics of  Kintamani Coffee

  • Balinese coffee originating from Kintamani belongs to the type of Arabica coffee (Arabica Coffee). The characteristic that makes it different from other coffee products is its fresh sour taste like Citrus.
  • The unique taste character of Bali Kintamani coffee is a Fresh Sour taste like Citrus fruits without leaving an aftertaste in the mouth. The body is Medium and the aroma produced is very Strong and Sweet. There is no spice taste like in most coffees in Indonesia. This coffee is perfect for those of you who don’t like a bitter taste.



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